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MBBS student alleges molestation by HoD Forensic Medicine

MBBS student alleges molestation by HoD Forensic Medicine

Jammu: A senior doctor, also Head of Department (HoD) of Forensic Medicine of Government Medical College, was taken into custody after being accused of molesting a MBBS final year student.

The student alleged that she had been called into the doctors room for the purpose of discussing her examination results and after a while he tried to molest her by touching her inappropriately. She then ran out of the room and contacted her parents.

The parents have filed a written complaint with police Station Bakshi Nagar against the doctor for molestation.

A five-member committee has also been formed by the GMC administration to investigate the incident.

The accused, who was at the time seeking treatment for the medical condition of  hypertension at the Emergency Wing of the college, has been taken into custody by the police, as reported by State Times.

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    manivelan rajamanickkam January 1, 2017, 6:51 am

    this kind of activity is going on in some of the medical college institutions. To prevent this.there should be a mechanism by which the HOD or Professors of various departments should not be vested with the power of deciding the fate of students especially log book signing, internal assessment and finally pass in the examination. The college / hospital authorities along with the students should work it out. The erring personnel should be punished severely and this should act as a deterrent for others not to commit this kind of act in the there any ethics in the medical professional now? In all the other departments like engineering(engineering ethics), Business(business ethics), Humanities and social science(ethics is the part of the curriculum) are inculcated in the young minds, where as we don\’t teach things. we medical professionals feel that this is not necessary,it is not so. we have to go a long way in preventing this kind of happenings