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MBBS from China: Do NOT look beyond these 45 medical colleges; says Indian Embassy

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New Delhi: Considering the growing interest among Indian students, who want to pursue MBBS course from China-based medical colleges; the Indian Embassy has recently advised that there are only 45 medical colleges in China which offer MBBS course in the English Language.

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported about the list of 45 Universities in China which was issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE), People’s Republic of China. These universities were approved to offer MBBS course for foreign nationals in the English language, who intend to seek admission in the year 2019-2020.

Below mentioned is the list of medical institutions with the scale of enrollment in China which offer MBBS course in English:


  1. Jilin University: 62
  2. Chinese Medical University: 100
  3. Dalian Medical University: 100
  4. Capital Medical University: 100
  5. Tianjin Medical University: 100
  6. Shandong University: 78
  7. Fudan University: 100
  8. Xinjiang Medical University: 100
  9. Nanjing Medical University: 100
  10. Jiangsu University: 100
  11. Wenzhou Medical University: 100;  Wenzhou Medical University (Abroad): 50
  12. Zhejiang University: 100
  13. Wuhan University: 100
  14. Huazhong University of Science and Technology: 100
  15. Xi’an Jiaotong University: 100
  16. Southern Medical University: 100
  17. Jinan University: 100
  18. Guangxi Medical University: 100
  19. Sichuan University: 100
  20. Chongqing Medical University: 100
  21. Harbin Medical University: 60
  22. Beihua University: 40
  23. Jinzhou Medical University: 60
  24. Qingdao University: 60
  25. Hebei Medical University: 60
  26. Ningxia Medical University: 60
  27. Tongji University: 60
  28. Shihezi University: 60
  29. Southeast University: 60
  30. Yangzhou University: 60
  31. Nantong University: 60
  32. Suzhou University: 60
  33. Ningbo University: 60
  34. Fujian Medical University: 60
  35. Anhui Medical University: 60
  36. Xuzhou Medical College: 60
  37. Three Gorges University: 20
  38. Zhengzhou University: 60
  39. Guangzhou Medical University: 60
  40. Sun Yat-sen University: 60
  41. Shantou University: 20 (school year 2018-2019 was 60, 40 fewer)
  42. Kunming Medical University: 60
  43. North Sichuan Medical College: 40
  44. Southwest Medical University: 60
  45. Xiamen University: 60

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In recent timesChinese universities have witnessed enrolment of a record number of Indian students to study medicine. China attracts foreign students, especially from India and other Asian countries, due to its affordable courses compared to institutions in the US, the UK and Australia. At present over 23,000 Indian students are studying different courses in Chinese universities, as against over 28,000 from Pakistan. In all, nearly 5 lakh foreign students are presently studying in Chinese universities. Of the 23,000 Indian students, over 21,000 have enrolled to study MBBS, which is an all-time high.

In its official release, the Indian Embassy has notified the prospective MBBS students that the MoE has approved only these medical universities to teach MBBS course in English to foreign students. The Chinese MOE has also clarified that universities which are not in the list of the 45 universities should not admit foreign students for the MBBS programme to be taught in English, a press release issued by the Indian Embassy said.

“It has been clearly mentioned by the Chinese MOE that teaching MBBS course under a bilingual (English/Chinese) model is strictly forbidden. The MOE has also informed that the list of universities will be regularly reviewed and updated in due course,”

“The Chinese MOE has also stressed in its notification that universities which are not in this list of 45 universities can only recruit foreign students for medicine course in the Chinese language,”

“The embassy is, however, not aware of any comprehensive list of universities that may have been authorised to offer medicine courses in Chinese for foreign students. We will continue to make efforts with the Chinese MOE to obtain such a list, if it exists,”

The Chinese MOE has not issued any other specific lists of universities relevant for the teaching of medicine.

On the queries as to why the an earlier and separate list of more than 200 other Universities in China has been removed from the website of Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Embassy, the authority stated

the Chinese MOE has clarified that for the admission year 2019-20, only 45 Universities have been authorized to recruit foreign students for MBBS Course in English. The Chinese MOE has not issued any other specific lists of Universities relevant for the teaching of medicine. Accordingly, the additional list of more than 200 Universities was removed from the website of the Embassy to prevent any confusion.

Besides the 45 colleges, Indian and other foreign students were enrolled for years into the 200-odd colleges. They will continue to study in English/Chinese languages. Now the new rule applies to new recruits in the 45 selected colleges to study MBBS in the English language. Though Chinese universities rushed to enroll foreign medical students, especially India, they have struggled to hire quality professors to teach in English, reports PTI.

The Embassy has further stated that this clarification on the approved 45 medical universities does not pertain to the issue of eligibility for appearance in Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) conducted by National Board of Examination (NBE), which is determined as per the information bulletin issued by NBE.


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  1. Good morning madam pls tell those took admission in tcm universities for mbbs is safe and can continue their studies and they are eligible for exit exam. Pls guide.

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