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MBBS course may be offered in Hindi

MBBS course may be offered in Hindi

MBBS courses might be offered in the Hindi language as it is reported that The Medical Council of India is contemplating on the proposal to offer the said course in Hindi.

This came after, a proposal  was submitted by Bhopal-based Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University which sought permission from the council to start MBBS courses in Hindi. Millennium Post reports that the proposal has been brought up in the executive council meeting of MCI, with the council of the view that that if books and medical journals are available then there is no issue in granting permission to allow the varsity to start MBBS course in Hindi as MCI conducts medical entrance examination in Hindi too. The council has sought a detailed report from the varsity on the availability of books, journals and resources in Hindi. The council is reported to be  of the view that when engineering courses can be taught in Hindi, it could be extended to medical courses too.

The justification has for offering an MBBS course in Hindi also comes in the light that out of 450 medical colleges in the country, 150 are in Hindi speaking states. Many students in North India, especially those from rural areas, while clearing the entrance exams, struggle with the college education due to language barriers and would stand to benefit, if the course itself is taught in Hindi.

If  Yes for Hindi, why not other languages?

The proposal, while being hailed by many, has also led to a strong controversy, with many states coming forward demanding medical education in their own vernacular languages.

“Students of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc pursuing MBBS would prefer to study in their own mother tongue. So when the government is ready to allow medical education in Hindi, then why it should not be in any other local language?,” a senior official of Tamil Nadu said.

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  1. Mainly Indian MBBS doctors go out to USA, UK, Austrslia etc for higer studies are found Hindi is useless. They will end up their carrier like the 50 years old LMB doctors who do chemist mixing the medicine work only.

  2. user
    Prof.Dr.E.Ravi Kiran December 14, 2016, 1:53 pm

    Just as some countries have their own language as medium of instruction in MBBS like Russian in Russia , in CIS countries and Chinese in China , it is not a bad idea if a country wants to uphold the national language and secure a place in the comity of developed nations. But the hiccup is that some states in India will not be comfortable as Hindi is not the first language. For this the entire country needs to adopt this language. If the govt. is really serious it can start it ten years down the lane with English as an alternative language.

  3. user
    Prof. Dr. S. c. Reddy December 14, 2016, 9:18 am

    People who ever are making this decision have to remember that MBBS degree of that state will not be recognised by other state medical council because the medium of instruction in MBBS is \”Hindi\” language. The students who become doctors will not be able to practice in other states in India, or may not be given postgradute seat in other states\’ medical colleges. There is no chance to go foreign countries for working as a doctor. All these disadvantages are just because MBBS course is not taught in ENGLISH language. It is upto the parents to get their children admitted in such medical colleges. They are taking full responsibility of their children\’s future after getting MBBS degree from such medical colleges. Doctors from India are able to work in any country in the world because MBBS course is taught in English language now.

  4. Well said Dr Reddy. Some foolish people making foolish moves. It should be nipped in the bud. Already many doctors discuss their cases in their own language. For learning the subjects English must remain as the medium of instructions

  5. Not a good idea.

  6. this hindi leaning doctor need to go in USA with a patient or higher study, he will get hindi circulam in American university also. Some or few foolish people come in top all will show foolshness