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NEET aspirants in a state of confusion after NEET capped for age, attempts

NEET aspirants in a state of confusion after NEET capped for age, attempts

Mumbai: There is deep anxiety among medical aspirants who made unsuccessful attempts at National Eligibility Entrance Tests (NEET) in the last year or so. The prevailing concern among them is about whether they are left with just one more attempt at the entrance test. This feeling abounds after the recent University Grants Commission (UGC), announcement  limiting  the number of chances for appearing in NEET to three. There is no clarity from the UGC whether the three chances would be counted from the date the capping becomes a ruling on paper or include prior exam appearances as well.

“Last year many students ended up appearing for the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) as well as the NEET exam in August, with very little preparation, just to try their luck. My son didn’t get his preferred course or institute last year and will be appearing this year too. So will this be his last attempt?” asked an anxious parent.

With no answers in the offing , the social media is barraged  with queries of this kind.

It was earlier this week, the UGC at a meeting in Delhi decided to cap the maximum age of medical aspirants at 25 yrs and the number of attempts- per candidate, at three.

Parents ever since have been waiting for an official government notification in this regard.

The Supreme Court on April 2016, announced its decision to make NEET  the only medical and dental entrance test, for students across the country, for admissions to colleges.The SC announcement meant cancellation of all state conducted exams. Since most students had prepared for these tests  using the state board syllabus, the court gave the aspirants two chances to appear for AIMPT called NEET1 and NEET 2 on May 1 and July 24 respectively.

“It was unfair to expect students to appear for an exam based on a syllabus alien to them, so many did not do well. Since the rule about maximum attempts has been introduced only now, it should be applicable to exams conducted henceforth,” said another parent.

The Officials at Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) were not available for comment.

Meanwhile, officials of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have revealed that the registrations for NEET 2017, will begin next week, reports HT.

Following is the response to a survey conducted by Medical Dialogues among medical aspirants asking them whether they would like a NEET cap on the number of attempts an aspirant can make.


Should there be a CAP on number of attempts to give NEET?

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    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 5, 2017, 2:57 pm

    Just by getting a university degree is not to be a Doctor is not enough. To be a Skill full DOCTOR REQUIRES lot of hard work, commitment, concern in developing needed skills. Above all one should be honest, and ready to help the poor and needy patients. Running away soon after singing in the muster or after biometrics doesn\’t make you good doctor. KINDNESS , compassion, Empathy is most important. Unfortunately Good number of Doctors literally ripp the poor, innocent and helpless patients by ordering for unnecessary investigations and by giving False assurances. Can you imagine a general surgeon REMOVING more than 200 uterus in a year, I think it is nothing but act of crime. In a Teaching MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL in 10 years they have not even done half of this number. what can expect from the students PASSING OUT FROM SUCH MEDICAL COLLEGES???. That why common standard Exit exams are the need of the country. DANGEROUS DOCTORS are worse than the DEVILS. .The standard of Medical Education should be on par with the West, like that of cricketers, Defense personal and Badminton players. God bless my country, let him promote the Good and destroy the Bad.

  2. Parents & teachers can go to court to question the decision of the UGC. For girls the maximum age limit should be 49 years & for boys & men, 50 years, because the MBBS degree is only a stepping stone to higher or complex medical learning.