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Maharashtra: IGGMC Dean and Civil Surgeon lock horns

Maharashtra: IGGMC Dean and Civil Surgeon lock horns

 Nagpur: Indira Gandhi Government Medical College (IGGMCH) and the District Civil Surgeon, Dr. Umesh Nawade  are apparently at loggerheads. It is alleged that for the last four years the hospital authorities have been trying to move him out of the campus and are slowly becoming unwilling to pay him a salary.

Adding newly appointed Dean, Dr. Meenakshi Wahane-Gajbhiye issuing a directive- stating that all medical certificates issued by the civil surgeon would have to carry counter signatures of the hospital’s Medical Superintendent and Resident Medical Officer.

 “With this rule, nobody will have a monopoly. There will be less chance of any irregularity while issuing certificates.”

The hospital dean has also raised questions the presence of the district civil surgeon and his salary being paid out of the hospitals coffers.

“IGMCH is paying for the civil surgeon and infrastructure and I don’t think he has done much work for the hospital or college. He should be working for us as his salary is paid out of IGMCH budget,” She further added.

A College official, objecting to his presence told TOI, “The college already has very limited infrastructure, even with that we are giving space for civil surgeon’s office. It is not required here.” He told, “Most of the duties bestowed on him are being referred to the college which is an additional burden. Workwise there is no coordination between his office and the college. His office should be shifted to Daga or Mental hospital. Several attempts were made in 2013-14 by the college to move civil surgeon’s office out of the college.”

 At the same time, Deputy Director, Health, Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal  has risen to the Civil Surgeon’s defence saying that his was a statutory post and he was a health authority for the entire district. His presence on the college campus was representative of the Public Health Department.

He was of the opinion, that the IGMCH should coordinate with him, instead of behaving in this manner. Commenting on the Dean’s signature directive, he said, “A medical certificate becomes authentic only with the signature of the civil surgeon, any additional signature on it will make no difference. While making their rules, hospital should not work outside the by-laws.”

When  contacted Civil Surgeon, Dr Nawade said, he was unaware of any such directive by the IGGMCH, Dean.

“I am just doing my duty and I have no interest beyond that. Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) and Department of Health signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that made it clear that the medical college would get the hospital and in return they will have to assist the civil surgeon in performing his duty. Being a civil surgeon I sit there. One former dean even asked me to disappear from the campus and I asked him where shall I go? There is no district hospital in the city,” he added.

“Even after being handed over a ready-made hospital they are running it inefficiently and attacking a statutory post of civil surgeon. They are an utter failure. They are just trying to pressure me to move out,” said a candid Nawade.

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