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BRAVO: Medical intern performs a complicated delivery on the train

BRAVO: Medical intern performs a complicated delivery on the train

Nagpur: A 24 year old final year MBBS student showed exemplary courage by helping a woman labourer on Board the Ahmedabad Puri Express deliver a baby boy with instructions recieved over Whats App and the phone. The young lad, Vipin Khadse, is in the  final year of MBBS, at the Government Medical College, Nagpur. Khadse showed immense grit, presence of mind and determination by helping Chitralekha deliver her child, when she went into labour on the train. The challenge was immense for the delivery was complicated as the baby’s shoulder was protruding out of the bleeding vagina.

“I uploaded a photo in a WhatsApp group of doctors for help. A senior resident Shikha Malik guided me on the phone to conduct the delivery,” said Khadse. “I had to use chilled water bottles to stop her bleeding. The amniotic fluid had completely dried. A midwife on the train helped me,”

30 km away from Nagpur and at a  few km distance from Wardha station, was when Chitralekha’s relatives travelling with her pulled the chain for the train to halt. The ticket collector and the guard came looking for help,but initially the lad chose to keep quiet hoping a senior doctor on board might come and rescue the woman in labour.  However,when the two train officials came back on a second round looking for a doctor, was when Khadse took charge

What followed was indeed an exemplary effort to save one life and bring another into the world by Khadse. The co passengers of the compartment also need a salutation for having cooperated by moving out of the compartment  and the travelling women convert it  into a makeshift delivery room.

The delivery was indeed a complicated feet, as instead of the head what was protruding was the babies shoulder.  The intern then tackled the complications taking guidance from his seniors over whatsapp and phone Khadse, who aspires to be a surgeon said, ‘every doctor should know how to help a woman in labour’ to the TOI.

The ordeal ended when the train entered the Nagpur junction and , a team led by a woman doctor from the railway hospital took over . The new mother and father along with their baby  continued their journey with the help of medication rendered.




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  1. Congratulations. Do not think negative story which has not happened

  2. The guy lucked out. If something had gone wrong, the fellows wound have beaten him black and blue. He would have regretted becoming a doc.

  3. Sad to say.. but if the procedure went badly then he would have been beaten to death.