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Maharashtra: 9 medical colleges pulled up on Radiation Safety

Maharashtra: 9 medical colleges pulled up on Radiation Safety

Mumbai: The nine government medical colleges that were taken to task by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board for not providing radiation safety equipment to its staff have complied to the AERB regulations.

Radiology sections at government medical colleges have a footfall of 500-550 patients a day.HT reports published in August and November 2016 had revealed Government Medical Colleges exposing  their radiology department staff to health risks by not providing them with  thermo-luminescent dosimeter or TLD badges. These badges measure radiation exposure of staff taking X rays. A Right to Information( RTI) activist, reported the violation to AERB on May 19.

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The AERB officials ‘action taken’ report sent  to the activist reveals that all hospitals have now procured  the badges, except JJ and Grant Hospital, who have yet to submit a response.

 Officials also confirmed having sent a notice to Dr TP Lahane, Dean , Sir JJ group of Hospitals, for not providing badges to its employees. “It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the availability of personnel monitoring services to all radiation workers in the institution. No person shall operate radiation generating equipment without using TLD badges,” read the notice. Dr. Lahane in the notice has been asked to respond within 15 days or face regulatory action by AERB. Interestingly, when contacted  Lahane’s  response was that the notice had been sent to the hospital by mistake as they provide their radiologists with badges. “We have told the AERB the notice was sent to us by mistake. We provide badges to our staff,” he said.

Dr Pankaj Tandon, Head, Medical Application Section(AERB) said, “The AERB had sent reminder notices to colleges to secure badges and got in touch with Renentech Radiation Services, an AERB-accredited laboratory which manufactures the equipment, as some colleges had reported a delay in delivery,”

According to expert opinion, the absence of badges makes assessment of radiation exposure  among staff a difficult task.

“Radiation can either cause cancer or affect the reproductive system of an individual. Badges are important as exposure readings are checked every three months. If an individual records higher exposure than permissible, he is barred from the department for 2-3 months,” revealed the activist, reports HT.

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  1. Government Medical colleges are exempted from the rules , DESPITE not having required facilities Still managed to get the permission to run the show. NONE of the L I C or MIC inspectors ever looked into such issues. They are very keen to find mistakes with private institutions quite often. I am not saying with out reasons. There are many instances that Faculty Members were sent at time of MCI inspection From different Government Medical colleges of state. By spending ( wasting) .lakhs of rupees . Those FACULTY BROUGHT just for the sake of Inspection have left place/ college premises well before the MCI inspectors. According to me it\’s the cheapest thing any body can think about. Here the Minister, secretaries, DME , and Director/Dean , the visiting faculty members are all involved in this nasty business . How can anyone talk good about such bad things ?. Our lawmakers, the Beurocrates, the so called professional said be a part of NOBLE profession can cheat the system time and again. The Governments are Greedy purchase the items , equipments of cheap quality at an higher price. MOST of them never put into proper use. The use full instruments, machines are made use less or not used with one or other excuse. All this because to promote outside Laboratories, Scanning centers managed by same Staff or to get cuts and commission. Let me come out with few examples. The plain X – ray In the Government hospital will cost about 50 To 100 rupees and for the same they charge 500 Rupees , out of which 200 Rupees reaches the pocket of referring rascals. Similarly U S G , which is 100 Rupees will cost 600 to 900 Rupees , what I call it a Day Robbery. These things happens day in day out. The so called authorities keep an BLIND EYE , deaf ears and stay mute selectively . Such practices much more in places being away from the state capital / Head Quarters . Such are most likely to happen with the blessings of the people sitting at the Top. CASTE and communityand money also plays an important role , stating from the appointment , promotions and protection. That\’s why I often say caste is like a Cancer. The persons occupying the chair being SECULAR , promote their own Cult by displaying posters at every nook corner. Praising other Faith\’s publicly , and talking Ill about privately. Such persons are worse than Antinationals. Dr Ramesh Vardhan