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Kerala: Government Medical College to loose affiliation due to faculty shortage

Kerala: Government Medical College to loose affiliation due to faculty shortage

Kochi: The Government Medical College, Ernakulam which has been short of faculty for years , is now facing an affiliation issue with the Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS).The KUHS team which inspected the college on Wednesday, discovered that faculty posts were still vacant despite the college having been given adequate time.

Health Sciences varsity had in the year 2014-15 and 2015-16 decided to cancel affiliation to the college due to faculty shortage. “Considering the fact that the medical college has been in a transition period, we gave conditional approval to it. A few months ago, we had sent a letter to the health secretary instructing him to take immediate measures to fill the vacant posts,” said a KUHS official.

“The condition we had given was that the college should fill the vacant posts before our next inspection,” he said. “It will take some more time for the team, which conducted the inspection on Wednesday, to give their report to us. So, we cannot comment on it,” he said.

“If the report states that the issue of faculty shortage has not yet been addressed, we will send notices to the medical college affiliation,” he said. According to hospital sources, the KUHS inspection team has found that the issue of faculty shortage still prevails. “They asked why the government has been unable to fill the posts. They also pointed out that doctors from Alappuzha, Thrissur and Kozhikode medical colleges were ready to join the Ernakulam Medical College,” sources said.

Approximately twenty posts had been lying unfilled a few months ago. Ahead of the inspection the government  in an attempt to cover had transferred  some doctors from other medical colleges to the  Ernakulum Medical College. However the transfers could not hide the glaring problem. In previous years this faculty shortage had been as high as 35%.

The lack of cardiologists in the hospital has  delayed the start of catherization laboratory.PG Students have also been forced to pursue their courses at Kottayam Medical college due to the same reason. Posts of nurses and paramedical staff have also been lying vacant.

“The urology department also is well-equipped in terms of machines, but it doesn’t function in the absence of a urologist. Government should fill all such posts immediately,” said Dr Sanil Kumar Member,Justice Krishna Iyer Movement.

KK Shylaja expressing ignorance on faculty shortage told TOI, “”There will not be a situation wherein the medical college will lose its affiliation.”

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  1. Please correct your English.It is not loose but lose

  2. Govt apathy on medical institution S are self explanatory. The corporate mafia is behind this. We are just ????????????????

  3. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 6, 2017, 7:51 am

    The cardiology , urology, and super specialities are NOTHING to do with Teaching Medical colleges admission/ affiliation/ recognition. There fore no need to mention about these issues and create confusion in mind\’s of innocent public. I think it is intentional act by some of the cunning Burocrates and Politicians to stop this Government COLLEGE. To Favour the near by private hospitals or the Medical colleges for their GAIN. I am working in the Government Medical college in Karnataka, Despite lack of facialities, infrastructure and services and shortage of FACULTY MEMBERS. With 350 BEDED district hospital this college is managing the admissions of 100 students annually. By one are the other means .your health SECRETARY can get some tips and tricks to overcome by the sticky situation. I think I can guide you to overcome come from this situation. If your Burocracy and GOVERNMENT ( lawmakers). Has taken decision to STOP this medical college with vested interests than one can HELP. I am sure that there some forces acting to ruine this MEDICAL COLLEGE. May they want make use of prime location/ land . May be a builder has set an eye on this property. Somewhere, something wrong done by someone……..who is that???. I wish the Government Medical college hospitals start working to serve near by poor and needy ( biased being loyal to one or the other Politicians for life time despite being good , bad or ugly). This mind set has to be changed. The CITIZENS of country should be loyal to the Nation but not to cunning Politicians. Other wise they take you for ride with their sweet tongue and crooked mind. Be wise other wise you will loose hard earned in visiting private hospitals. These are my spontaneous words directly from the heart to mobile phone screen. Feel free to put forward your views with out any inhibitions. Stop reading same old news paper with glass ( cup)of tea( chiea).. Think out of Box. Dr Ramesh Vardhan ,pH 9448172069.

  4. Private medical colleges are tragedy and trauma for medical college and education through corrupt.criminals characterless cheaters called teachers of noble profession.