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Kerala: Medical Students launch indefinite strike against 3 year compulsory bond

Kerala: Medical Students launch indefinite strike against 3 year compulsory bond

Thiruvanathapuram: All Government Medical College’s postgraduates,  house surgeons, and undergraduate medical students across the state are going on an indefinite strike from Tuesday. The indefinite stir is being launched against the three year compulsory bond service imposed by the government. This compulsory service has been replaced by the practice of a  one year service on completion of the post graduate courses.

The medicos are reported to  have decided to stay away from all patient care and hospital services except emergency services.

Talks held between the  Kerala Medical Postgraduates Association representatives, Health Minister K.K. Shylaja, and Additional Chief Secretary, Health  Rajeev Sadanandan could not provide a solution to the problem, reports Hindu.

In an earlier report on the compulsory bond service move by the government in Kerala, the Medical Dialogues team had reported  that the move had generated a war of sorts in the field of medical education, with junior doctors feeling antagonized by the government move and fervently opposing it.

 Till the previous year, medical PGs had a one year compulsory service bond to adhere to. Defining the government’s three year compulsory bond move as exploitative, the Kerala Medical PG Association (KMPGA), State Secretary, Dr. U.R. Rahul said, “Instead of filling up the existing 545 posts, which are mainly in the  entry cadre for Assistant Professors, the government is looking at the bond system to get the work done.

Doctors allege that the bond will delay regular appointment chances for doctors. “Look at the timeline of a doctor’s professional life once the bond system kicked off,”  said Dr. Rahul. “It takes six years for MBBS, nearly two years for preparation for post-graduation, three years for PG, three year bonded service as senior residents and another three years for super specialty. A person who joins for MBBS at 18 years would be 34-35 years on the completion of bond period. This means he would not get a permanent job in the medical …education sector till he is 34.” he added. “It could be more in the case of an average student , ” he further stated.

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The medical aspirants are protesting against the inclusion of  the clause in the prospectus of 2017-18 for postgraduate medical courses.

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    Dr Ramesh VARDHAN March 14, 2017, 6:55 pm

    These Guys get the Government seats with the help public money , devolpe skills at the cost poor patients , when it comes to give it back , they show their back and run away from state ( God\’s own country ) to ooyal reech gulfu or jaain carpoorate. Hospitals. When it comes voting its communist and comes to work captilist ( Caapitalisto.)