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Kerala: Decision to appoint MBBS as Medical College faculty faces opposition

Kerala: Decision to appoint MBBS as Medical College faculty faces opposition

Thiruvanathapuram: The Director of Medical Education’s office coming up with a decision to appoint MBBS doctors as faculty in Medical colleges, has come under criticism, amongst those associated with the medical profession in the country. The DME ‘s justification for the same being- doctor shortage.

The doctors in an observation have noted that the decision when implemented would mean open flouting of the  Medical Council of India regulations. The Council stipulates that an MBBS qualification does not call for entry level faculty appointments. However, the government has yet to take a policy decision, with regards to this.

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The doctors stated that the new decision also goes against the draft health policy which mention that post graduate qualification will be deemed essential for faculty appointments.

With the DME determined to go ahead with its decision, the doctors have expressed apprehension about colleges being able to produce qualified doctors at the end of the 4 ½ year term. There is fear about  colleges loosing medical seats, as the Council does not welcome lecturers with MBBS qualifications.

The issue was raised earlier also, when applications for a lecturer’s post in General Surgery  with MBBS qualifications were invited.

J S Ajith Prasad, State President, Kerala Government Post Graduate Medical Teachers Association (KGPGMTA) called the development a disaster for the medical education sector.

“During the previous LDF rule, changes were made to the rules only after widely discussing the matter within the front and in the cabinet. Now, it’s being framed at the executive level and not at the political level,” said Prasad.

Prasad also said that  medical colleges ran the risk of loosing recognition,  if they went ahead with the implementation of appointing MBBS qualified doctors as faculty.The Kerala Medical Post Graduates Association’s (KMPGA), consistent opposition to the move, was due to the fact  that it was a clear violation of the existing MCI guidelines. KMPGA President, P Jathin revealed that the government was going ahead with decision, despite a number of post graduates looking out for faculty appointments.

KGMCTA State President, Kavita Ravi, said the move could lead to deterioration in the  quality of faculty appointments in medical colleges.

“We need qualified teachers in our medical colleges. If MBBS doctors are taken as faculty, quality cannot be maintained,” she said.Meanwhile, Health Secretary, Rajeev Sadanandan said priority would be given to PG doctors. “MBBS doctors will be considered only in the absence of PG doctors. This has been done to compensate the shortage of doctors,” said Sadanandan to TNIE.

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  1. Rather than finding out why postgraduates do not find the medical education sector appealing or why there are not enough PG and how to remedy it, the government wants to balance the healthcare pyramid on its tip. Very intelligent people.

  2. If those with an MSc degree can join a medical school as lecturers, why should there be an opposition to post MBBS candidates??