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Karnataka: Private Medical colleges oppose common counselling

Karnataka: Private Medical colleges oppose common counselling

Bengaluru: Government and private colleges have failed to meet on common grounds on the issue of common counselling for allocation of seats in medical and dental colleges of the state . Minister for Medical Education, Dr. Sharan Singh Patil, in an effort to bring about a consensus between the two held a discussion with representatives of private medical colleges, however, the effort seems to have gone a waste. The idea of common counselling was mooted by the Medical Council of India in a circular to the government recently.

The government’s suggestion at the initiation of the MCI,  that the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) carry out common counselling has for the present fallen on deaf ears with private medical colleges. The MCI’s proposal had been initiated  keeping in mind the common National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) conducted for entrance to medical and dental colleges by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

 The Minister  despite disagreements did made earnest efforts to have  private colleges agree to the proposal, stating that it was meant to benefit students and was being carried out  in various other states, as well. However, the private college representatives declined to accept the suggestion.

Last year a similar attempt of common counselling  was made by the government for the All India Quota seats, based on NEET rankings.The private colleges had even then opposed the move, resulting in  KEA, Comed-K, religious and linguistic minority colleges and six deemed universities conducting individual  counselling. Students were made to appear for each  counselling separately.

 The explanation given by college representatives at that time was that they wanted to have control over their counselling sessions, at least. They said they would have discussions among themselves before deciding on the issue. The private college representatives  had at that time spoken about another meeting between the government and themselves  to be held soon before  a decision was taken.

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  1. The conduct of NEET for medical and dental college admissions has only ended up benefitting the private managements. They have conveniently hiked fees across the board on the pretext of NEET. Meritorius students getting good NEET ranks cannot afford the high fees charged by private colleges. They would rather go to central and state government colleges where fees are affordable. So, who gets admission in private colleges? Now, all that is required is a NEET rank ( it could a low rank) and bags of money and Volia! you get your admission in a medical or dental college. In fact, many colleges take an undertaking from students while booking seats with money payment that the seat will be given to them provided they get a NEET rank (doesnt matter what the rank is). So, can anyone explain how has NEET contributed to improving standards in private colleges? We have been taken for a royal ride; and with doctors coming under increasing stress and attacks both at work and even during qualification, having to face innumerable exams, is it really worth it?

  2. MC I should make common counselling compulsory for all colleges whether private or government. Private colleges make huge sums of money by sale of forms and dates always coincide with each other. This in turn allows them to play with rules.

  3. Admissions in karnataka is a big scam. In spite of Neet exams many colleges in bangalore did not ask for Neet ranking last year. what a shame. Government pretends it is helpless. students and parents suffer because of the spineless administration

  4. user
    Dr.A C Dharmaraj Acharya January 7, 2017, 6:32 am

    Ministers themselves running private medical colleges, deemed universities cannot be expected to go under loss, after having won elections with huge investment run business as usual in the name of NEET, MERIT, ADVERTISEMENT!! Medical education corruption & commercialization started in Karnataka during early seventees spread to national level & all courts are there only to cater to such rich who grow richer to make black money & so thieves continue to thrive. 80% judiciary corrupt, majority elected on money basis etc. How can anyone expect good governance ,is anybody\’s guess!!