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Karnataka: MBBS student who allegedly faked disability, likely to loose her seat

Karnataka: MBBS student who allegedly faked disability, likely to loose her seat

Bengaluru: A medical student, who is alleged to have faked a hearing impairment to get admission at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), has run into trouble with the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA), which has found that the student submitted a fake disability certificate to gain admission under the Government Quota for the year 2012-13. She was to  complete her MBBS in the year 2017-2018. However, The Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) has withdrawn the medical seat of the student Indian Express Reports

Mahesh Babu, the girl’s father, is planning to  pursue the matter legally. “How can they suddenly cancel the seat when she is in her final year? Her hearing impairment has improved gradually with time,” he alleges.

The officials looking into the matter were taken aback, when they saw that the student who had managed to get the seat, under the physically disabled quota, was examined by a panel of three doctors, one of whom happened to be her own father, an ENT specialist, at the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. The 3 panelist were determined to see her being awarded the medical seat.

In 2014, a  complaint was received by KEA officials that the candidate’s submitted certificate was false, which initiated an investigation.The Executive Director, KEA cancelled the candidate’s seat on April 5, 2017, after a few verification rounds.

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences experts also submitted a report  stating that the candidate did not suffer from a hearing impairment.

Officials of the Medical Education Department plan to issue a show cause notice  to her father, and other doctors on the panel, that declared her with a hearing disability.

Principal, KIMS, Chandre Gowda claimed that they had yet to receive a seat cancellation instruction. He however, stated that the college had received several letters from the KEA, regarding the case.

“In the past, too, we would get letters asking us not to allow her to take the exam. Then they would ask us to allow her to appear for the exams, saying a final decision would be made after the inquiry is complete. She is currently pursuing her internship,” he told the Hindu.

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  1. She should not be given MBBS degree.There are many student who is appearing for Medical entrance exam by taking a year break.Cutoff is too high for Mbbs.I am also one struggling to get in Mbbs from 3 years.
    and this girl and her dad planed superb but caught.
    she should be dismissed from college and it will be lesson for everyone.

  2. YA what she and her father plan was very illegal…. But I think she have reach up-to her final by lot hard work.. Punishment shuld be surely given but that shuld not be canclation of her degree…. She learnt many things she shuld be allowed to use that on needy.

  3. Yes, my opinion is that girl should not be punished. Because the mistake she has done, that mistake is not her fault, so let them complete their entire study

  4. user
    Latha Krishnan April 13, 2017, 4:58 pm

    Very unethical.

  5. How are Latha .Prof (Dr)Mehmooda Regu cell no 09419037980

  6. user
    Dr.Ramesh Vardhan April 13, 2017, 1:08 pm

    Some of teaching faculty members , using their weight take advantage in getting better marks in practicals and in internal assessment. Just by a single mark , the individual no where close to Hundreds in Qualifying exam becomes a Rank holder in MBBS. With intensive training and total commitment and self determination some athlete still lose their medal if they have taken even an extra cup of tea or coffee ( caffiene) . If they are found to use any of the banned substance even after a month or a year of the event, their title or medal will be stripped off.Similarly in case of people getting more marks or better rank by wrong means should be investigated and the truly deserverving candidates should get their due credit.
    It is unfair to take advantage of their parent\’s position as faculty in different Medical Colleges across the State and also Unseen forces of Caste and Politics. This affects the poor deserving students
    having no such credentials of caste,political friends, influential parents.It is anti constitutional and against the laws of natural justice.

  7. user
    Dr.Ravindra Telkar April 14, 2017, 7:49 am

    She should be allowed to complete her course but she & her father must be punished ….. she should be allowed to seevek only govt. hospitals & not in private & her father should be sentenced to jail for minimum 3 yrs so that henceforth no one will ever dare to do so.