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Karnataka: A new medical college at Udupi

Karnataka: A new medical college at Udupi

Udupi:Minister of Youth Empowerment and Sports, Pramod Madhavraj, announced the setting of a medical college in Udupi. He said that he had submitted a proposal for the same to the government. He also spoke of medicines being provided at generic prices to the common man. The Minister also inaugurated an e-hospital system where  complete details of patients are documented online.

Speaking to reporters at a function he said“I have exerted pressure on chief minister to set up a government medical college in Udupi after submitting a proposal. About 20 acres of land will be required for setting up the college. About 25 acres of land belonging to Brahmavar Sugar Factory can be used for the purpose. I am hopeful that Udupi district will get a medical college,” he told the Deccan Herald.

He also spoke of the up gradation of Udupi Government Hospital to a district hospital. He said the up gradation had automatically led to an increase in the staff strength. . As a taluk hospital, the sanctioned strength of staff was 123. Now, it has risen  to 195. A total of 27 doctors have been sanctioned. Among them, 26 are working. The number of nurses in the hospital has been increased to 16 to 50. He also informed that the recruitment which had not been opened for the last 8 years had begun now.
District Surgeon, Dr Madhusoodan Nayak said from a 124-bedded hospital, the up gradation, had led to it becoming a  250 bedded healthcare facility.

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Speaking about paramedics, DHO Dr K Rohini said  despite the National Rural Health Mission not having been regularized, the staff was given EPF and ESI facilities.

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Janasanjeevini Medical Center, a generic drug center, was inaugurated on Monday at the Udupi District Hospital. The center will supply  affordably priced medicines.The medicines at the store will be available at prices 90 % below the market price, said Minister Madhwaraj

Minister Madhwaraj said generic medicines would be available in the store at prices 90% below the market price. Branded medicines would be available at prices 10% below the market price at the medical center, he further added.

Quality medicines are supplied at generic drug store and the people should not heed to any rumours on the generic medicines, Mr. Madhwaraj added.

Rs 20 lakh has been released towards the purchase of medicines at the district hospital.Generic drug stores have been opened at 39 places in Karnataka and are maintained by HLL Life Care Limited, the minister added.

The inaugurated e-hospital system by the minister on this occasion carries  complete patient details online.

Aadhaar number or mobile phone number provided to the hospital by the patient is to be used to store patient data, including his medical history.  The number would also help the patient or doctor to access his file containing the  medical record, at any government hospital, located in the district.


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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh VARDHAN March 18, 2017, 10:40 am

    The southern states are already flooded with Medical colleges. Specially in and around Pondicherry and Mangalore. There is lack of clinical Material in the form of patients. The patients are brought to hospitals on rental basis at the time of Inspection. ( dummy patients). There is already a Highly reputed Medical college in that region. The Government is wasting public money in the set up of Many more medical colleges . Instead it can improve the most needed primary and secondary education , where children get basic education , instead of wasting their time in empty class rooms. The overall standard of Government schools are pathetic. None of the children of Lawmakers ,Beurocrates children have taken admission in state run Government school , nothing can be a shameful act than this. That they preach , but never Follow. The existing Medical colleges are of poor standard ( substandard). It is so pathetic the ruling M L A has to beat up the Professor of Pediatrics, to get the treatment. It has come in TV channels about Doctors, who runaway from the Hospitals soon after The Attendance only to return in evening once again, leaving the entire responsibility to the Housesurgeons and Residents/ P G s. The unlawful appoin tments were even canceled by the Hon\’ble high court of Karnataka. The important posts were not even filled up for ages. They have given in charge for the important posts to their own kin and kith across the State promoting caste and community.Only to support corrupt practices ,they are starting new medical colleges.

  2. The kasturba medical college manipal is right next to udupi, seems they just want to blow money

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