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Karnataka: 246 BMCRI students felicitated at Convocation; Divya Ragate topper

Karnataka: 246 BMCRI students felicitated at Convocation; Divya Ragate topper

Bangalore: Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute’s auditorium burst into a thunderous applause as Divya C Ragate winner of the highest number of gold medals, walked up to the podium to receive her awards at the convocation ceremony on Thursday.

She has received eight gold medals in Pathology, Community Medicine, Opthalmology, General Medicine, General Surgery and has been the year’s topper for 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of her study.

Speaking at the function, this young native from Bihar gave  all credit for her success to her father; saying she  was motivated and guided by him throughout her academic pursuits. Her father is a district surgeon, and a professor at the Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences. “My teachers at BMCRI have also helped me through the journey. In fact, I learnt a lot from my patients as well,” she said. She hopes to secure a seat in DM, Neurology, Nimhans.

Javagal Amith Thejas , native of Hassan, the male topper of the state said, “I would study only when I felt like. On an average I spent two hours everyday and six hours on weekends for this,” he added.

Thejas, also the state topper in PU, added, “I want to pursue neurology in Nimhans after this.”

Meanwhile, speaking at the convocation, Dr C N Manjunath, Director, Jayadeva Institute of Cardio Vascular Sciences and Research said: “The medical fraternity should adopt ‘treatment first and payment next’ concept in emergencies because every minute is so important and the benefit of the golden hour should be passed on to patients. One should always remember that life is more important than the file.”

He told the Deccan Herald, “For 30 minutes of delay in initiating treatment, the risk of death increases by 7%.”

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    Dr Ramesh VARDHAN March 20, 2017, 4:57 pm

    What a pity ! the best and intellectual don\’t appear in the list of University Ranking. The ones with bit of luck and more of Influence score over the others ( the Best). There are genuine reasons for that . But Truth is bitter , not liked by the Majority of the people , Specially the Parents being the Faculty members in the Medical colleges. Do you know the difference between 1 st Rank and 2 ,3,4 ,5…… on , is very narrow . ie Difference of 1 to 9 Marks. That is negligible when compared to 1400 Marks( ::::.0.1 to O.5 %). Everything is prearranged including external and internal examiners of their choice,leave alone the internal assessment where marks are being awarded indiscriminately by the colleagues of the faculty members without an eyebrow being raised by the other students who are scared about their own marks etc. It is like the politicians and Filmstars promoting their own clan with ill eared money . Starting from Internal assessment marks to Vivavosa these kids get much advantage / Marks compared to others. Even for most lmportant and crucial practical examinatons the examiners of their choice ( same cast, region, Fellow examniers , class or college mets are brought / invited as external examiners. Which is nothing but Match fixing. According to Me it is not only Unfair but Injustice to Many other Talented , Intaletual and Hardworking Students. That\’s why Such talents find their way to U S or U K .