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IMA student Wing Opposes National EXIT TEST

IMA student Wing Opposes National EXIT TEST

With the latest proposal to to amend the Indian Medical Council Act to introduce a National exit exam and 50 percent reservation in post graduate courses for medical officers, the government seems to have created strong ripples among the medical fraternity. With today being the last date to register comments, the IMA youth wing was seen raising strong objections to the proposed policy. Speaking to Medical Dialogues team Dr Sagar Mundada, Chairman, Youth wing, IMA Mahatashtra highlighted three major points under which the students are opposing the proposed amendments. These include

  1. Government medical colleges and majority of private medical colleges are under universities which are under the government of respective states. After passing the 4 yearly university exams , again taking another exam is like government saying they don’t believe their own universities. If at all NEXT is to be introduced, it should only be for students from deemed medical colleges and foreign graduates
  2.  Government has proposed 50 percent reservation for pg seats for medical officers. the Student Wing pointed that already, there is 50 percent reservation for medical post graduation and that further reservation will be a violation if supreme courts order of maximum 50 percent reservation
  3. Proposal says that 3 years of medical officership in rural areas before pg and 3 years of medical officership after pg will be implemented.By this  count, a person will reach age of 33 by time he finishes his post graduation

“We feel that definitely doctors should work in rural areas but it should be by choice not coercion. This requires the government to provide adequate medical infrastructure, adequate living facilities, incentives for those who work in rural areas. Moreover we believe that 1 year each of rural service before and after pg is a justified option, but hoping that 6 years will be spent in rural areas is not practical and will fall flat on its face. Therefore, we suggest that government consider our demands with a  considerate approach failing which in the long term the quality of students entering medicine will continue to degrade” added Dr Mundada.

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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan January 9, 2017, 10:21 am

    Most of the IMA meeting are sponsored by one or the other Drug companies or the so called corporate Hospitals, with the pretext of some CME. The regular Barrel Boozers, come close to End of the slide presentation, to pick up plate full of cheep chicken and Up to brim of the glass whiskey, leaving family members ( wife and children at home locked from outside). It is a Batchulars party ( debatchulars). You can\’t find a single lady DOCTOR in the vicinity. This FREE FOOD and FREE DRINK party goes beyond mid night. When the whole world is sleeping our IMA regular Boozers party goes on till the chicken and bottles gets over. And wait for the next meeting. My suggestion to stop Free Drinks and free chicken in All IMA meetings . To encourage presence and involvement of lady Doctors. And close/ conclude the program before 9. 30 PM. I am sure we can see some changes and improvements. Other wise it\’s going to be same old FREE FOOD and FREE BOOZER party. This applies to only those who have been doing SUCH THINGS. Rest are well respected.

  2. This is what IMA is for , party in the name of medical professionals. They do not represent us at all.



  4. This same IMA was full of praise for tainted Ketan Desai, who made MCI in the words of Supreme Court \”den of corruption\”. IMA do not represent medical fraternity. It is only a group of doctors who have mastered electioneering management who are managing this body full of corrupt doctors. They should stay away from us, we support the amendment.

  5. IMA – Idiots Morons Asses , do not represent the medical fraternity.