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Guest Blog- Approach to Orthopaedics for PG NEET, AIIMS and PGI.

Guest Blog- Approach to Orthopaedics for PG NEET, AIIMS and PGI.

Aspirants who are preparing for NEET, AIIMS and PGI need to know the importance of Orthopaedics, as indeed the subject is not as tough as it seems. The only problem is nobody properly teaches this subject at undergraduate level.

Remember, the more tough or specialized is a subject, more simple or basic will be the question.  Always have your basics clear about everything you read.

An approach to questions of Orthopaedics in different exams

One simple point is keep your basics clear, for any question you must know what is this, why this happened, where else can we see that and what is the cure. Let’s take example of bone tumors, If question is about Sun ray appearanceis tumors, then you must know, what actually is sun ray, then why it occurred in a sun ray fashion, where else do we see it and what is the basic management for the disorder.

If you have a image based question in Orthopaedics, think of the topic, then think what were all important possibilties that can be there,what were the differential diagnosis hence arising and what were all important features pertaining to those differentials. Match those points with the options in paper and you will get the answer.

You must have a complete basic knowledge of the topic because what we can observe from last many years, is that the topics are being repeated in all exams but every time a new thing is asked from that topic. Nobody expects you to be a specialist with the specialized subject at UG level.

Whenever you study just give time to that particular subject/topic, never be in a hurry. Have proper concepts & if you don’t get them ask your faculty/colleague.

Solve last 8 to 10 years questions of AIIMS, PGI and AIPG. When you start solving questions you will realize on which topics you are still weak, what all are the areas where you still need to work more.

Importance of Revision

Revision is very very important in each subject as the more you learn, the more you become stronger in respective subject. Revise all your notes after every few days. For example, you are an intern and preparing for exams next year, then even if you revise the short subjects once in a month, that subject is revised 12 times in that year and by the time you reach your exams you will hardly have any burden for that particular subject. This should be for all short subjects so that at the end you can give time to major subjects and short ones don’t become a burden on you.

The author is an Faculty with Dr Bhatia Medical Coaching Instiute, one of the  most prominent PG Medical Coaching Institutes in India. 

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