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Goa: Raids conducted at Goa Medical College premises

Goa: Raids conducted at Goa Medical College premises

Panaji: Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMC) vicinity seems to be turning into a kiosk hub for unauthorized consignments of cigarettes, beedis, and tobacco. Raids conducted in Bambolim recently have unearthed these consignments which surfaced within a radius of 100 yards violating the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA).

The (COPTA) act prohibits the sale of tobacco products  within a 100m radius of any educational institution.

The raids were carried out by the Tiswadi taluka enforcement squad for COTPA, 2003; while inspections were carried out by joint mamlatdars, FDA officers and GOACAN members in the presence of the  police.

Three cases under Section 6 of the Act and 10 under Section 4 were booked. Fines of Rs.2,600 were collected; 500 pouches of scented tobacco and a large number of Indian and foreign cigarette packs without proper pictorial warnings were seized.

Five kiosks of the 14 searched were discovered without licenses.

Foods like sandwiches and burgers were also recovered by the food safety officers who found them to be without proper labeled declarations.


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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan November 25, 2016, 5:06 pm

    Good work by Goa FDA against the voilaters By IMPLEMENTATION COTPA. Unfortunately no such rules are implemented most other parts of country, specially in & around the Teaching MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITALS. On several occasions I brought to notice of my own HOSPITAL administratoras with out any effect despite showing them the photos. It common scene right in Front of the Main entrance to carts selling unhygienic food, Tabocco products, close to stinking open DRAINAGE, men even urinating, spiting all around., Poor and helpless buying food from the same stalls. This Due to lack of canteen FATALITIES, Toilets, and negligent Attitude of the Hospital Adminstration. The Department PREVENTIVE and Social Medicine acting like BLIND, MUTE And DUMB. Do We need Such type MEDICAL EDUCATION?. The over enthusiastic MEDICAL STUDENTS having plenty time to Dance till late night with loud Music beyond stipulated time with one or other excuse. BUT when It comes to responsibility to educate public their contribution is BIG 0 . Despite getting MEDICAL SEAT at cost of Tax-payers money. As the recent statement given by Health MINISTER of Karnataka Doctors unwilling work in Tuluk place. What a pity, the very students comming from Rural Back ground refuse to work. The Government boosts having Highest number of Medical colleges in India. It looks like oth purpose of having so MEDICAL COLLEGES and the Hospitals is only to miss use the public Funds. Failed to provide Health to poor and needy patients.

  2. This is just the first ray. What would be the situation at other universities and colleges? Doctors know the adverse effect of all these nonsense habits yet this is there. What they will say to their patients when they atr in the field to deal the patients?