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GMCH Nagpur medical resident attempts suicide by eating 25 beta-blockers together

GMCH Nagpur medical resident attempts suicide by eating 25 beta-blockers together

Maharashtra: GMCH (Government Medical College and Hospital) Nagpur is in the news after a first year medical resident at the college attempted suicide on Sunday.

The girl is reported to have made a lucky escape to her life after she gulped down 25 beta-blocker tablets together; only to panic at her action later. Following which she sent WhatsApp messages to her colleagues, informing them about her step. She was rushed to the hospital, covering the distance from the resident hostel just in time. She is now admitted to the medicine ICU now.

Her condition is improving as implied by the doctors giving her treatment. Her heart rate is back to normal, after successful attempts by doctors to bring it back.  A psychiatrist at GMCH has been contacted by the doctors for consultation and counseling. At the moment, its important to get her out of her anxiety.

However, this is not the first time that the girl has attempted suicide, as implied by the hospital medical superintendent Dr J Hedaoo and the college dean Dr A Niswade in their official statement to TOI. They said that the nursing staff in the medicine department has highlighted that the girl had attempted suicide once during her internship too. The College Dean has further implied that there is a need to investigate properly as to why she took this extreme step- as the reason doesn’t seem to be the routine study pressure.

As reported by TOI, her teachers said the junior resident (JR-I) was known for getting extremely anxious and nervous about everything. “Though she came from all-India quota by clearing the entrance exam, did her MBBS and internship at GMCH, she has always been very different. She comes from a doctor’s family from Allahabad but has always found it difficult to adjust. I had sent her on two months leave as she wanted to go home. This would have affected her studies but delaying her passing out is better than putting her into such trouble. She just returned and was wanting to go back again. Her father didn’t take the call. I have sent a message to him. She is a different personality and needs psychiatric counselling and positive guidance,” said a teacher at the medicine department who is also treating her now.

Source: with inputs from TOI
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  1. It seems a case of Depressive Psychosis and suicidal tendency . Empathy is required alongwith medication and psychotherapy.