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FIRST: Maharashtra moves to remove controversial virginity test topic from MBBS Syllabus

FIRST: Maharashtra moves to remove controversial virginity test topic from MBBS Syllabus

Maharashtra: With the new MBBS syllabus around the corner, many new changes are coming in the UG medical curriculum. One of the most debated topics- the two finger virginity test- is expected to see gradual phasing out with the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) taking a lead in the matter.

The expert academic board of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) Nashik has unanimously proposed to remove the contents of 2 finger virginity test from the Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum of the subject of Forensic Medicine of MBBS course.

This move came in view of the report that was submitted to Dr KD Chavhan Registrar of MUHS by Dr Indrajit Khandekar, Professor of Forensic Medicine at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) Sewagram.

Dr Khandekar had urged government and MUHS to remove the contents about ‘virginity test’ from the medical curriculum of forensic medicine subject of MBBS course on the ground that it has no scientific basis.

The report highlighted the unscientific basis on which virginity is determined by the doctors by so-called virginity test and reasons for its removal from the syllabus. The report pointed out that this test violates human rights and leads to gender discrimination.

Speaking to Medical Dialogues, Dr Khandekar stated, “Virginity is a very personal issue and no one has any right to know whether the other person is a virgin or not.”

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No Scientific Basis

Due to the inclusion of signs of virginity in the medical syllabus, almost all the textbooks of forensic medicine of MBBS course includes the details of virginity, its signs and medicolegal aspects. Some textbooks also give details about ‘false virgin’ and ‘true virgin’. However, no textbook quotes any scientific literature/ study to support their statements/ information. It is also interesting to note that no textbooks have ever uttered a single word about virginity test for males.

“Even by relying on the information given in medical textbooks various courts including high courts across the country has ordered to carry out virginity test on females. So, there is a need to teach the doctors how to respond to such court orders along with how to appraise the courts about the unscientific basis of the virginity test,” stressed Dr Khandekar.

“Inclusion of ‘signs of virginity’ in medical curriculum/ textbooks has created (and still continuing to create) wrong impression in the minds of doctors, general public, communities that virginity test is scientific and medical one; hence there is a need to highlight the unscientific basis of it in medical books,” he added.

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  1. Right move by the right person. Congratulations.