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Final Moment Tips for preparing for DNB EXAM

“Hard work and  agony of sacrifice will never go in vain,it will be returned  one  day with compound interest in the form of “Glorious VICTORY”.
With the DNB exam right around the corner, its important for students to keep a calm and clear mind while preparing during these last few days. Last minute brushing up can be hectic, and one often feels intimidated by the coursework and the preparation process. Being calm during these last days is indeed the need of the hour, and focused revision in such time came go a long way in rewarding those with sustained efforts.
Here are some tips to prepare at the last moment
  • Focus must be on “CONCEPTS” while preparing DNB. Their single liners are having so much of concept behind that….be careful…
  • Focus more on last 5 yrs MCQs of DNB and AIPG; 3 years of PGI;AIIMS  and your own notes. (Note:-DNB they recently had asked many topics of AIIMS/PGI so just have a look on those important one)
  • Keep revising some “HIGH-YIELD ” topic everyday( say 2 hrs everyday in morning ..). Surely u will have few questions from them..
  • Sort out most frequently asked topic in these exams and revise them with good speed.
  • Focus more on subjects like medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pathology,  pharma, anesthesia, orthopedics, radiology, skin and anatomy.
  • Everyday try to finish question – answer of 1 year paper to find out your weaker areas …and improve thereafter….
  • Quick review of diagrams and statements given below it, from your standard text books.
  • Never loose hope in this last moment….this time will decide your uplifting of rank..


     Special tips during dull and depressive hours

  • Do not neglect your own notes , few hours of studying them will cover many high yield facts and uplift your morale for studying some more (keep aside your MCQ books for few hours or days, if it looks monotonous!!!!!)

  • Dull feeling comes in phases of 1 to 3 days and spoils our crucial  preparation time; so these few hours/days are another battleground to fight tactfully  by revising notes and steering away from the dull feelings.

  • Take one chapter and see all the diagrams and observe info given below it

  • Start discussion of some high yield topic with your friend , it will also motivate you. By doing things like above mentioned, you can hold your nerves and successfully overcome those dull moments of few days /hours.

  • Once you have regained momentum then again restart your MCQ oriented preparations.

  • Keep repeating like this and NEVER GIVE UP.

  • The Aim should be not to loose a single moment  in frustration and utilise it to maximum level.

     ” GROUP- DISCUSSION” can be crucial for achieving top ranks.

a) Make a small group of (3-5 max.) sincere friends for GROUP-DISCUSSION of MCQs.
b) Argue for every option (why? What? ….Factor will sharpen your approach).
c) Spend at least 2-3 hrs. For such discussion.
d) Keep asking question to each other during tea/ breakfast /lunch /dinner time (this intelligent discussion will enhance your memory and rank both. !!!!!)

The author, Dr Mukesh Bhatia is a renowned medical educationist, having experience in the medical education sector for more than 35 years and is currently the Chairman of Dr Bhatia Medical Institute, one of the  most prominent PG Medical Coaching Institutes in India.

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