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Exam Title : Virology

Number Of Question : 17
Question #1: Epstein Barr virus causes autoimmunity by
Molecular Mimicry
Release of Sequestrated Antigen
Inappropriate Expression of MHC Class II Molecules
Polyclonal B cell Activation
Question #2: All of the following statements about Parvovirus B-19 are true, Except
<10% spread by transplacental route
Respiratory route is the primary mode of transmission
It is a DNA virus
Affects erythroid progenitors
Question #3: Dengue Hemorrhagic fever is caused by
Type 1 Dengue virus
Reinfection with the same serotype of Dengue virus
Reinfection with a different serotype of Dengue Virus
Infection in an immunocompromised host
Question #4: Varicella Zoster remains latent in
Trigeminal Ganglion
T cells
B Cells
Question #5: ‘H5 N1’ may be best described as a
Bird flu virus
Vaccine for HIV
Agent for Japanese encephalitis
New strain of plasmodium falciparum