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Exam Title : Throat

Number Of Question : 27
Question #1: All of the following are true regarding tonsillectomy in children except:
Extracapsular approach is best for cold approach
Sleep apnea is an indication
Adenoids should also be removed if significantly involved
Cricothyroid region in high and anterior in children than adults
Question #2: A five year old boy develops sudden aphonia and respiratory distress while having dinner. Which of the following is the next recommended step in the management of this patient?
Heimlich’s maneuver
Chest thrust maneuver
Finger Sweep maneuver
Cricothyroidotomy or Tracheostomy
Question #3: Laryngocele arises as a herniation of laryngeal mucosa through the following membrance
Question #4: A 5-year-old patient is scheduled for tonsillectomy. On the day of surgery he had running nose, temperature 37.5oC and dry cough. Which of the following should be the most appropriate decision for surgery?
Surgery should be cancelled
Can proceed for surgery if chest is clear and there is no history at asthma
Should get X-ray chest before proceeding for surgery
Cancel surgery for 3 weeks and patient to be on antibiotic
Question #5: Which of the following is the most common cause of vocal cord palsy?