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Exam Title : The upper limb: shoulder and upper arm, elbow, Forearm, wrist and hand

Number Of Question : 16
Question #1: Which of the following is true about supracondylar fracture of humerus?
Distal segment is dislocated anteriorly more than posterior
Cubitus valgus more common than cubitus varus during malunion
Nerve injury related manifestations are transitory
injury causes weakness of elbow flexion
Question #2: Which of the following statements about ‘Low Radial nerve palsy is not true
Loss of nerve supply to brachioradialis
Loss of nerve supply to extensor carpi radialis brevis
Loss of nerve supply to extensor pollicis brevis
Loss of sensation over first dorsal web space
Question #3: In 2 years old child gallows traction is applied. Child is suffering from fracture of:
Neck of femur
Greater trochanter of femur
Fracture shaft of femur
Shaft of tibia
Question #4: True about supracondylar fracture
Cubitus valgus more common than varus
Nerve injuries are usually tranisitory
Anterior displacement of distal segment
Weakness in elbow flexion eventually
Question #5: The proximal fragment of scaphoid after fracture is predisposed for Avascular Necrosis because
Retrograde blood flow to the proximal fragment
Difficulty in immobilizing the proximal fragment
Fracture configuration of the proximal fragment is usually comminuted
Proximal Fragment articulates with the radius