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Exam Title : The Lower limb: pelvis, the hip and thigh, the knee and lower leg, the foot and ankle

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: A 12 years old boy referred from endocrinology department complained of pain in hip joint with limping. Which of the following test is not useful?
X-ray pelvis
USG pelvis
MRI pelvis
CT pelvis
Question #2: Patient presents with knee problem. He gives history of injury during playing hockey 3 months back. On testing knee was unstable in extension but was stable in 90 degrees of flexion probably injury involves
ACL anteromedial fiber
ACL posterolateral fiber
Anterior portion of medial meniscus
Question #3: All of the following statements about SACH feet are true, Except
'SACH' stands for 'Solid Ankle Cuhioned Heal
Forms the base of a lower limb prosthesis
May wear out with time
Wooden keel absorbs the impact of heel strike
Question #4: Blount’s disease is characterized by
Genu valgum
Genu varum
Genu recurvatum
Meniscal Injury
Question #5: Most common cause of death in pelvic
Hypovolumic shock
Bladder Injury
Neurogenic Injury
Pelvic instability