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Exam Title : Surgery

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: Which of the following is used to define Penetrating Neck Injury?
2cm depth of wound
Injury to vital structures
Breach of platysma
Through and through wound
Question #2: A child is having circumferential burns over both his thighs , buttocks , face and scalp . Calculate the surface area of the burnt area
Question #3: Risk factors for malignant change in an asymptomatic patient with a gall bladder polyp on ultrasound include all of the following, Except
Age >60 years
Rapid increase in size of polyp
Size of polyp >5 mm
Associated Gall stones
Question #4: Which of the following is the most common cause of a pyogenic liver abscess
Biliary Tract Infection
Colonic Diverticulitis
Question #5: The straw colored proteinaceous fluid present in odontogenic keratocyst contains protein
Less than 3.5 gm/dl
More than 3.5 gm/dl
Less than 3.5 mg/dl
More than 3.5 mg/dl