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Exam Title : Spine/Musculoskeletal system/ Dermatology and soft tissues

Number Of Question : 10
Question #1: Pseudoclaudication is caused by
Femoral Artery stenosis
Popliteal Artery stenosis
Lumbar canal stenosis
Radial Artery stenosis
Question #2: All of the following statements about Necrotizing fasciitis are true, except
Infection of fascia and subcutaneous tissue
Most commonly caused by Group A beta hemolytic streptococci
Most common site is perineum followed by trunk and extremities
Surgical debridement is Mandatory
Question #3: The prognosis of rhabdomyosarcoma is likely to be poor if the site of the tumour is
Para testicular
Urinary bladder
Question #4: Lumbar sympathectomy is of value in the management of
Intermittent claudication
Distal ischemia affecting the skin of the toes
Arteriovenous Fistula.
Back pain
Question #5: A new born boy is having lumbosacral meningomyelocele n awaiting the surgical repair. The sac is best protected with sterile guaze piece soaked with
Tincture benzoin
Methylene blue
Normal saline