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Exam Title : Respiratory system and Breast disorders

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: Most common tumor in the posterior mediastinum is
Bronchogenic cyst
Question #2: In which of the following types of breast carcinoma, would you consider biopsy of opposite breast?
Adenocarcinoma-poorly differentiated
Medullary carcinoma
Lobular carcinoma
Comedo carcinoma
Question #3: All of the following are true regarding mesothelioma except:
Bilaterally symmetrical
Associated with asbestos exposure
Histopathalogy shows biphasic pattern
Occurs in late middle age
Question #4: The following is a maker of Paget’s disease of the mammary gland
S- 100
HMB 45
Neuron specific enolase
Question #5: A patient underwent sentinel lymph node biopsy for the treatment of breast carcinoma. Which of the following nerves is likely to be injured during this procedure?
Lateral Pectoral nerve
Nerve to latissimus dorsi
Intercostobrachial nerve
Nerve to Serratus anterior