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Exam Title : Respiratory system and Breast disorders

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: A 17-year old female underwent Fine Needle Aspiration cytology (FNAC) for a lump in the breast which was non-tender, firm and mobile , which of the following features would suggest finding of a benign breast disease? (AIMS November 2014, May 2013)
Dyscohesive ductual epithelial cells without cellular fragments
Tightly arranged ductal epithelial cells with dyscohesive bare nuclei
Stromal predominance with spindle cells
Polymorphism with single or arranged ductal epithelial cells
Question #2: A 25 year old Female complains of discharge of blood from a single duct in her breast. The most appropriate treatment is
Radical excision
Radical mastectomy
Biopsy to rule out carcinoma
Question #3: All of the following statements about Lymphoepethelioma of the parotid gland are true, except
Parotid gland is the most common site of Lymphoepethelioma in the Head & Neck region
It is associated with EBV infection
It is highly radiosensitive
It is a type of squammous cell carcinoma
Question #4: The most important prognostic factor in breast carcinoma is
Histological grade of the tumor
Stage of the tumor at time of diagnosis
Status of estrogen and progesterone receptors
Over expression of p-53 tumour suppressor gene
Question #5: What is the emergent management of tension pneumothorax?
Chest X-ray
Emergency room thoracotomy in unstable patients
Insert needle in 2nd intercostal space
Tube thoracostomy in 5th intercostal space