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Exam Title : Respiratory System

Number Of Question : 14
Question #1: A neonate presents with respiratory distress with enlargement of left upper lobe of lung and mediastinal shift towards the right. What is the most likely diagnosis?
Alpha-I antitrypsin deficiency
Congenital lobar emphysema
Cystic fiberosis
Question #2: A 3.5 kg male infant born at term after an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery develops respiratory distress shortly after birth and requires mechanical ventilation. The chest radiograph reveals a normal cardiothymic silhouette but a diffuse ground glass appearance to the lung fields. Surfactant replacement fails to improve gas exchange. Over the first week life, the hypoxemia worsens. Results of routing culture and echocardiographic findings are negative. A term female sibling died at 1 month of age with respiratory distress. Which of the following Is the most likely diagnosis?
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return
Meconium aspiration
Neonatal pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
Disseminated herpes simplex infection
Question #3: A child presented with severe respiratory distress two days after birth. On examination he was observed to have a scaphoid abdomen and decreased breath sounds on the left side. He was managed by prompt Endotracheal intubation. After ET tube placement the maximal cardiac impulse shifted further to the right side. What should be the next step in management?
Confirm the position of endotracheal tube by chest X-ray
Emergency surgery
Nasogastric tube insertion & decompress the bowel
Chest X-ray to confirm diagnosis
Question #4: Correct about respiratory distress syndrome is
Seen after 6 hours of birth
Ante natal steroid
Term pregnancy
Air bronchograms seen on X-ray chest
Question #5: A child with cyanosis and choking on feeding at birth was diagnosed as trachea-esophageal fistula and had undergone a corrective surgery. He was brought to you with complains of barking cough and expiratory wheeze. What is the most likely diagnosis?
Subglottic stenosis
Bronchial asthma