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Exam Title : Regional anesthesia

Number Of Question : 55
Question #1: All of the following are advantage of epidural anaesthesia over spinal anaesthesia except –
Durla puncture is avoided
Chances of meningitis are very low
post spinal headache is avoided
its duration of action is very short
Question #2: Epidural anesthesia is preferred to spinal anesthesia because –
Hypotension is absent
Dura is not penetrated
Low dose of anesthetic is used
level of block easily changed
Question #3: During epidural analgesia the following points suggest that needle is in the extradural space –
Loss of resistance sign
negative pressure sign
Mackintosh extradural indicator
All of the above
Question #4: True about epidural anaesthesia in pregnancy –
Given through subarachnoid space
Venous pooling
Decreases venous return
Question #5: Local constriction is seen in –