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Exam Title : Pupil, Optic Nerve, Optics and Refractive Errors, nutrition and deficiency

Number Of Question : 18
Question #1: Cells affected in galucomatous optic neuropahty are
Amacrine cells
Bipolar cells
Ganglion cells
Rods and cones
Question #2: All of the following statements about Argyll Robertson Pupil are correct, except
Near Reflex Normal
Direct light Reflex Absent
Consensual Light Reflex Normal
Visual Acuity Normal
Question #3: Patient with fixed dilated pupil, with iris atrophy and secondary glaucoma after penetrating keratoplasty is suggestive of
Benedict's syndrome
Posner-Shlossman syndrome
Kaufmann's syndrome
Urrets Zavalia syndrome
Question #4: Circumcorneal vascularizatin is observed in deficiency of
Vitamin D
Question #5: A 59- year old male presents with dimness of near vision. On examination, the media was clear in both the eyes. What would be the next step?
Refraction with near add
Refraction under atropine
Radial keratotomy
Cataract surgery