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Exam Title : Psychotic Disorders/Mood Disorders/Somatoform Disorders/Dissociative Disorders, The Agitated/Violent Patient/Self-harm and suicide/ stressful situations

Number Of Question : 18
Question #1: A 60 year male is brought by his wife. He thinks that he had committed sins all through his life. He is very much depressed and has considered committing suicide but has not through hot do go about it. He had also attached sessions with a spiritual guru. He is not convinced by his wife that he has lead a pious life. He does not to hear anything on the contrary How will you treat him?
Antipsychotic + Anti depressant
Antidepressant with cognitive behavioural therapy
Guidance & recounselling with guru + Anti depressant
Anti depressant alone
Question #2: All of the following conditions are included in the diagnosis of Bipolar disorder except
Mania alone
Depression alone
Mania and depression
Mania and anxiety
Question #3: Loosening of association is an example of
Formal thought disorder
Schneiderian first rank symptoms
Concrete thinking
Question #4: General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) is seen in
Panic Attacks
Stressful situations
Question #5: Intense nihilisim, somatization and agitation in old age are the hallmark symptoms of
Involutional melancholia
Atypical depression
Somatized depression
Depressive stupor