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Exam Title : Principles and practice of medicine and surgery

Number Of Question : 10
Question #1: Which color of triage is given the highest priority?
Question #2: Damage control surgery include
Used in triage
Surgery avoided to controlled major damage
Minor disability rectified first then posted for surgery
Controlled major hemorrhage than disability
Question #3: A newborn with meningomyelocoele has been posted for surgery. The defect should be immediately covered with
Normal Saline Gauze
Povidine Ioline Gauze
Tincture Benzoin
Methylene Blue Gauze
Question #4: Damage control surgery is:
Minimal intervention done to stabilize the patient and do the definitive surgery later
Maximum possible surgical intervention is done immediately
Done during triage procedure
Done to control damage during surgery
Question #5: In which of the following, neo-adjuvant chemother-apy is not used ?
Chest wall PNet
Breast Cancer stage 2
Ovarian cancer stage 3