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Exam Title : Post operative care monitoring

Number Of Question : 17
Question #1: First reflex to appear in recovery of general anaesthesia-
Question #2: Which of the following mechanism is not frequently responsible for hypoxia in the recovery room –
Ventilation/perfusion mismatch
hyperoxic gas mixtures
Hypoxic gas mixture
Intracardiac shunt
Question #3: Effective strategies to decrease the risk of post puncture dural headache are all except:
Use of small bore needle
Use of atraumatic needle
Supplementation of fluids
replacement of stylet prior to removal of needle
Question #4: A two month old infant has undergone a major surgical procedure. regarding postoperative pain relief which one of the following is recommended –
No medication is needed as infant does not feel pain after surgery due to immaturity of nervous system
Only paracetamol suppository is adequate
Spinal narcotics fvia intrathecal route
Intravenous narcotic infusion is lower dosage
Question #5: Most potent analgesic agent among following
Nitrous oxide
Nitric oxide