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Exam Title : Phenomena in Imaging and Perception/ Radiology’s Role in Medicine/treatment

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: The normal percentage of enlargement or magnification considered normal in cephalogram is
Question #2: The most important sign of significance of renal artery stenosis on an angiogram is
A percentage diameter stenosis >70%
Presence of collaterals
A systolic pressure gradient >20 mm Hg across the lesion
Post-stenotic dilatation of the renal artery
Question #3: The best view to visualize minimal Pneumoperitoneum is
AP View abdomen
Erect view abdomen
Right lateral decubitus with horizontal beam
Left lateral decubitus with horizontal beam
Question #4: Which of the following is not a MRI feature of Mesial temporal sclerosis?
Atrophy of mammilary body
Atrophy of fornix
Blurring of Grey white matter junction of ipsilateral temporal love
Atrohy of hippocampus
Question #5: The sensitivity of Mammography is low in young females because?
Less glandular tissue and more fat
Young females are less cooperative
Young breast have dense tissue
Because of less fat content