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Exam Title : Pelvis/Genitourinary Tract

Number Of Question : 8
Question #1: A dense renogram is obtained by
Dehydrating the patient
Increasing the dose of contrast media
Rapid (Bolus) injection of dye
Using non ionic media
Question #2: Which of the following contrast agents is preferred in a patient with decreased renal function to avoid contrast nephropathy
Low osmolar contrast
Question #3: The most sensitive imaging modality to detect early renal tuberculosis is
Intravenous urography
Computed tomography
Magnetic resonance imaging
Question #4: A patient presents with acute renal failure and anuria. The USG is normal. Which of the following investigation will give best information regarding renal function.
Intravenous Pyelogram
Retrograde Pyelography
Antegrade Pyelography
DTPA scan
Question #5: Which artery is dissected most commonly following arteriography by femoral route?
Celiac turnk
Superior mesenteric artery
Inferior mesenteric artery
Gastroduodenal artery