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Exam Title : Pelvis and Reproductive

Number Of Question : 19
Question #1: The artery to the ductus dererens is a branch of
Inferior epigastric artery
Superior epigastric artery
Superior vesical artery
Cremasteric artery
Question #2: All of the following statements regarding vas deference are true except
The terminal part is dilated to form ampulla
It crosses ureter in the region of ischial spine
It passes lateral to inferior epigastric artery at deep inguinal ring
It is separated from the base of bladder by the peritoneum
Question #3: Hypogastric Sheath is a condensation of
Scarpa’s fascia
Colle’s fascia
Pelvic fascia
Inferior layer of Urogenital diaphragm
Question #4: Urethral crest is an elevation seen in urethra due to:
Prostatic glands
Insertion of detrusor muscle
Insertion of trigone
Preprostatic internal sphincter
Question #5: Lymphatics from the spongy urethra drain into the following Lymph nodes
Superior inguinal nodes
Internal inguinal nodes
Deep inguinal nodes
Sacral nodes