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Exam Title : Pelvis and Reproductive

Number Of Question : 19
Question #1: Urogenital Diaphragm is made up of the following, Except
Deep transverse Perineus
Perinial membrane
Colle’s fascia
Sphincter Urethrae
Question #2: All of the following are part of mesorectal fascia except
Superior rectal vein
Inferior rectal vein
Para rectal nodes
Inferior mesenteric plexus
Question #3: The following group of lymph nodes receive lymphatics from the uterus except
External iliac
Internal iliac
Superficial inguinal
Deep inguinal
Question #4: Supports of the uterus are all except
Uterosacral ligament
Broad Ligament
Mackenrodt's ligament
Levator ani
Question #5: The artery to the ductus dererens is a branch of
Inferior epigastric artery
Superior epigastric artery
Superior vesical artery
Cremasteric artery