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Exam Title : Nose

Number Of Question : 14
Question #1: Pain sensations from the ethmoidal sinus are carried by
Frontal Nerve
Lacrimal Nerve
Nasocilliary Nerve
Infra orbital Nerve
Question #2: All of the following statements about Nasopharyngeal carcinoma are true, Except
Bimodal are distribution
Nasopharyngectomy with Radical Neck dissection is the treatment of choice
IgA antibody to EBV is observed
Squammous cell carcinoma is the most common histological subtype
Question #3: Tumor arising from olfactory nasal mucosa is
Nasal Glioma
Adenoid cystic carcinoma
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Question #4: A 14-year old boy presents with nasal bleeding. His Hb was found to be 6.4 g/dL and peripheral smear showed normocytic hypochromic anemia. The most probable diagnosis is
Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma
Antrochonal polyp
Carcinoma of nasopharynx
Question #5: Which of the following is not a complication of adenoidectomy?
Hyponasality of speech
Retro pharyngeal abscess
Velopharyngeal insufficiency
Grisel syndrome