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Exam Title : Newborn Infants, Immunity and Immunization, Infections, Nutrition and Deficiencies

Number Of Question : 37
Question #1: Which of the following reflexes is not present at birth
Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex
Moro's Reflex
Symmetirc Tonic Neck Reflex
Crossed Extensor Reflex
Question #2: In a rural clinic, a 3-year old girl child is brought by her mother and is emaciated. Her haemoglobin was 5 g/dL. The girl also has edema over her knees and ankles with discrete rash on her knees, ankles and elbow. The most likely worm infestation causing these manifestations is
Hook worm
Round worm
Whip worm
Pin worm
Question #3: In india, neonatal sepsis not caused by:
Staphylococcus aureus
E. coli
Group b streptococci
Question #4: ‘Bull-neck’ is seen in severe cases of which of the following?
Tubercular lymphadenitis
Question #5: All of the following nutritional assessment methods indicate inadequate nutrition, Except
Hb <11.5 g/dl during 3rd trimester of pregnancy
Increased 1-4 year mortality rate
Birth weight < 2500 gm
Decreased weight for height