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Exam Title : Mycology

Number Of Question : 5
Question #1: Which of the following is a special stain used to diagnose fungal hyphae in tissues?
Methenamine silver
Masson trichrome
Congo red
Alcian Blue
Question #2: Special stain fungus ?
Masson Trichrome
Silver Methamine stain
Alizarin Red
Congo Red
Question #3: A former from the sub- Himalayan region presents with multiple leg ulcers. The most likely causative agent is
Trichophyton Rubrum
Cladosporium species
Sporothrix Schenkii
Question #4: True Statements about Pneumocystic Jiroveci is
Often associated with CMV infection
Usually diagnosed by sputum examination
Infection occurs only in immunocompromised Patients
Always associated with Pneumatocele
Question #5: A vitreous aspirate from a case of metastatic endophthalmitis on culture yields Gram-positive round to oval cells, 12-14 m in size. The aspirate on Gram staining shows the presence of pseudohyphae. Which of the following is the most likely aetiological agent?