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Exam Title : Musculoskeletal System

Number Of Question : 6
Question #1: sternocleidomastoid is supplied by all of the following artery except
Occipital Artery
Superior thyroid Artery
Posterior auricular Artery
Thyrocervical trunk
Question #2: Upper limb weight is transmitted to axial skeleton by all except
Coracoacromial Ligament
Claviculoclavicular (interclavicular) ligament
Costoclavicular ligament
Acromioclavicular ligament
Question #3: Sternocleidomastoid is supplied by all of the following arteries except
Posterior auricular
Thyrocervical trunk
Question #4: All of the following muscles retract the scapula except
Rhomboid major
Rhomboid minor
Levator scapulae
Question #5: The knowledge about the biomechanics of the muscles attached around the shoulder joint, known as rotator cuff muscles has increased exponentially. However, the role of one of the rotator cuff muscles, which is also now known as forgotten rotator cuff muscles has been ignored or less importance has been attached to its role. Which of the following muscles best describes this description?
Teres minor