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Exam Title : Musculoskeletal system

Number Of Question : 12
Question #1: A 9-year old girl has difficulty in combing hairs and climbing upstairs since 6 months. She has Gower’s sign positive and maculopapular rash over metacarphalangeal joints. What should be the next appropriate investigation to be done?
RA factor
Creatine kinase
Question #2: Which of the following statements about Fibromyalgia is true
More common in Males
Sleep EEG studies have shown disruption in REM sleep
Increased Cortisol response to stress
SPECT studies have reduced blood flow to the thalamus
Question #3: True about critical illness myoneuropathy
Neurological recovery is complete
Sequential nerve demyelination followed by inflammatory myopathy during course of disease
Cranial nerves are involved more commonly than peripheral nerve
Diaphragmatic atony due to prolonged intubation may cause it
Question #4: A thirty five year old female has proximal weakness of muscles, ptosis and easy fatigability. The most sensitive test to suggest the diagnosis is:
Muscle Biopsy
CPK Levels
Edrophonium test
Question #5: All f the following statements about Neurofibromatosis are true, Except
Autosomal Recessive Inheritance
Cutaneous neurofibromas