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Exam Title : Microbiology

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: Which of the following statements about Hepatitis C is true
DNA Virus
Most common indication for Liver transplantation
Does not cause Liver cancer
Does not cause coinfection with hepatitis B
Question #2: All of the following are ture about non typhoid salmonella except:
Poultry is source
Can cause invasive disease in neonates
Blood culture is more sensitive than stool culture in gastroenteritis in adults
Resistance to fluroquinolone has emerged
Question #3: A former from the sub-Himalayan region presents with multiple leg ulcers. The most likely causative agent is:
Trichophyton rubrum
Cladosporium species
Sporothrix schenkii
Question #4: Which of the following best describes route of spread of Legionella pneumophila outbreak?
Consumption of contaminated water with protozoa of Legionella
Breathing aerosols of environmental water sources such as air conditioning units
Consumption of contaminated meat and meat products
Close contact with carriers of Legionella
Question #5: All of the following statements about Parvovirus B-19 are true, Except
DNA virus
Crosses placenta in only <10% of cases
Can cause severe anemia
Can cause Aplastic crisis