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Exam Title : Menorrhagia, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, metrorrhagia, Hormones, Obesity, Hypo & Hypertension

Number Of Question : 28
Question #1: A 15-year-old female presents with primary amenorrhea. Her breasts are Tanner 4 but she no axillary or pubic hair. The most likely diagnosis is
Turner's syndrome
Mullerian agenesis
Testicular feminization syndrome
Premature ovarian failure
Question #2: Primary Amenorrhea with normal ovaries normal external genitalia and normal breasts is seen in
Mayer- Rokitanski- Kuster-Hauser Syndrome
Turner’s Syndrome
Androgen Insensitivity syndrome
Noonan syndrome
Question #3: A 19 years old patient came to the out patient department with complaints of primary amenorrhea. She had well-developed breast and pubic hair. How ever there was absence of vagina and uterus but normal ovaries. Likely diagnosis is
Mullerian agenesis
Gonadal dysgenesis
Klinefelter's syndrome
Question #4: Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding polycystic ovarian disease?
Elevated LH hormone
Can cause infertility
May be associated with abnormal glucose tolerance test
Result in postdated pregnancy
Question #5: A young female with 2 month amenorrhea presents with sudden abdomen pain with adnexal mass, urine pregnancy test is positive. Most likely diagnosis:
Ovarian tumor
Ectopic pregnancy
Pelvic tumor
Ovarian cyst