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Exam Title : Kidney, body fluids and acid-base balance, Male and Female Reproductive System

Number Of Question : 13
Question #1: Ovulation is primarily caused by preovulatory surge of
Luteinizing hormone
Follicle stimulating hormone
Question #2: Urinary concentrating ability of the Kidney is increased by:
ECF Volume contraction
Increase in RBF
Reduction of medullary hyperosmolarity
Increase in GFR
Question #3: Lymphatic drainage of the cervix occurs by all of the following lymph nodes, except
Parameterial lymph nodes
Deep inguinal lymph nodes
Obturator lymph nodes
Ext. iliac lymph nodes
Question #4: Which of the following is correct regarding fertilization and implantation?
Ferilisation usually occurs in the uterus
Implantation occurs 24 hours after fertilization
The tubes are lined by ciliated epithelium
The cilia beat towards fimbriae
Question #5: Which one of the following statements is true regarding water reabsorption in the tubules
The bulk of water reabsorption occurs secondary to Na+ reabsorption
Majority of facultative reabsorption occurs in proximal tubule
Obligatory reabsorption is ADH dependent
20% of water is always reabsored irrespective of water balance