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Exam Title : Infectious Diseases

Number Of Question : 34
Question #1: In which of the following glucocorticoid is used ?
E.coli septicemia
Severe typhoid
Cerebral Malaria
Question #2: Cavitatory lesions in lung are seen in
Primary pulmonary Tuberculosis
Staphylococcal pneumonia
Interstitial Lug disease
Question #3: A female girl child came with complaints of involuntary movements was diagnosed as a case of syndenham’s chorea, suggestive of a diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever. There is no complaint of carditis or arthritis. Throat culture is negative. Which of the following will most likely suggest recent streptococcal infection
Antistreptolysin S
PCR for M protein
Question #4: A male patient is observed to be HBs Ag antigen positive HBe Ag antigen negative and anti-HBe antibody positive. HBV DNA copies are observed to be 100,000/ml while SGOT and SGPT are elevated to 6 times the upper limit of normal value. What is the likely diagnosis
HBV surface mutant
HBV precore mutant
Wild HBs Ag
Inactive HBV carrier
Question #5: Which of the following is least likely to cause infective endocarditis?
Staphylococcus albust
Streptococcus facalis
Salmonella typhi
Pseudomonas aeruginosa