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Exam Title : Hormones, Opioids, Autocoids Related Drugs, Enzymes and Orphan Drugs

Number Of Question : 35
Question #1: True statement regarding methadone are all except:
It is a long acting ยต-receptor agonist
It is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and is detected in plasma 30 minutes after oral administration.
The primary use of methadone is relief of chronic pain.
The onset of analgesia is 30-60 minutes after parenteral administration and 1-2 hours after oral administration.
Question #2: Which of the following statements about Opioid Receptor Antagonists is false
Naloxone can be used to for treatment of opioid induced constipation
Naltrexone may be used for treatment of alcohol dependence
Nalmefine has a longer half life than Naloxone
Naloxone is more potent than Naltrexone
Question #3: True about orphan drug is:
Developed for orphans
Drugs uses very rarely
Drugs used for rare diseases
Rare drug for common diseases
Question #4: All of the following statements about Epidural opioids are true, Except
Acts on the dorsal horn substantia gelatinosa
May cause pruiritis
May cause Respiratory Depression
Gastrointestinal adverse effects are not seen
Question #5: Misoprostol is a
Prostaglandin E1 analogue
Prostaglandin E2 analogue
Prostaglandin antagonist