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Exam Title : Hematology and clinical immunology/blood vessels and circulation/spleen

Number Of Question : 16
Question #1: Best Material for below inguinal arterial graft is
Saphenous vein graft (upside- down)
Question #2: A surgeon excises a portion of liver to the left of the attachment of the falciform ligament. The segments that have been resected are
Segment 1 a and 4
Segment 1 and 4b
Segment 2 and 3
Segment 1 and 43
Question #3: An 8 years old child has left sided flank pain and mental retardation. On ultrasound, a hyperechoic lesion in the right kidney and multiple lesions in the liver are noted. CT examination of the abdomen revealed-50 to-80 Hu density of these lesions . the most probable diagnosis is:
Tuberous sclerosis
Hereditary hemangioblastoma
Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease
von Hippel-Lindau syndrome
Question #4: Which of the following statement is true regarding testicular tumors?
Are embryonal cell carcinomas in 95% of cases
Bilateral in up to 10% cases
Teratomas are more common than seminomas
Usually present after 50 years of age
Question #5: A 12-year old girl presents with nodular goiter. Which of the following statement regarding her evaluation and management is incorrect?
99 m-Tc scan should be performed to determine whether the modules are hypo functioning or hyper functioning
Functional thyroid modules are usually benign
All nodules > 4 cm should be resected irrespective of cytology
FNAC should be performed for allnodules > 1 cm in diameter