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Exam Title : Hematology and clinical immunology/blood vessels and circulation/spleen

Number Of Question : 16
Question #1: Which of the following investigation is used to confirm anorchia ?
Question #2: Most common cause of acute mesenteric ischemia is:
Arterial thrombosis
Venous thrombosis
Non occlusive disease
Question #3: A patient with 8 cm in right lobe of liver was treated with aspiration multiple times (3 times) and with systemic amebicide. Now cavity is remaining in right lobe of liver but there is nothing in the cavity. Seven days course of luminal amebicides is given. How will you follow up?
Stool examination only
USG weekly for 1 month followed by monthly USG till 1 year
USG weekly for 3 months followed by CT scan at 3 months
USG or CT scan monthly and stool examination weekly
Question #4: Which of the following has least malignant potential
Juvenile polyps in Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome
Hamartomatous Polyps in Peutz Jaghers Syndrome
Adenomatous Polyps in Familial colonic Polyposis
Adenomatous polyps in HNPCC
Question #5: Renal Calculi associated with proteus infection
Uric Acid
Triple Phosphate
Calcium oxalate