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Exam Title : Heart, Circulation and Vescular system

Number Of Question : 21
Question #1: During heavy exercise the cardiac output(CO) increases upto five fold while pulmonary arterial pressure rises very little. This physiological ability of the pulmonary circulation is best explained by
Increase in the mediated greater of open capillaries
Sympathetically mediated greater distensibility of pulmonary vessels
Lager amount of smooth muscle in pulmonary arteriole
Smaller surface are of pulmonary circulation
Question #2: Which of the following is true about fourth heart sound ‘S4’:
Can be heard by the unaided ear
Frequency is greater than 20 Hz
Heard during ventricular filling phase
Heard during ventricular ejection phase
Question #3: Venous return to heart during quiet standing is facilitated by all of the following factors, except
Calf muscle contraction during standing
Valves in perforators
Sleeves of deep fascia
Gravitational increase in arterial pressure
Question #4: Which of the following defines the pressure in the vascular system in the absence of blood flow
Pulse pressure
Critical closing pressure
Mean circulatory pressure
Perfusion pressure
Question #5: Which of the following statements about myocardial oxygen demand is true
Correlates with heart rate
Is directly proportional to external cardiac work
Is negligible when heart is at rest
Depends upon duration of systole