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Exam Title : Health Statistics, Research and Demography

Number Of Question : 85
Question #1: If the prevalence is very low as compared to the incidence for a disease. It implies:
a) Disease is very fatal and /or easily curable
b) Disease is nonfatal
c) Calculation of prevalence and incidence is wrong
d) Nothing can be said as they are independent
Question #2: The hemoglobin levels of pregnant females in a community was found to have a mean of 10.6 g/dL and a standard deviation of 2 g/dL. What is the minimum hemoglobin level below which 5% of the pregnant females will have their hemoglobin levels?
Question #3: All of the following are true about Roll back malaria except:
Insecticide treated bed nets
Strengthening health system
Develop new insecticide
Training health workers
Question #4: All of the following indicators are included in physical quality life Index (PQLI) except
Infant mortality rate
Life expectancy at age one
Literacy rate
Per capita income
Question #5: Late expanding stage of population in India is due to:
Birth rate stationary death rate continues to fall
Death rate decline more than birth rate
Birth rate declines, death rate same
Birth rate is less than death rate