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Exam Title : Head/Face/Neck/Nervous system

Number Of Question : 27
Question #1: A patient has a surgical cause of obstructive jaundice. USG can tell of the following except:
Biliary tree obstruction
Peritoneal deposits
Gall bladder stones
Question #2: A 27 year old patient presented with left sided abdominal pain to the emergency room, 6 hours after A CECT (contrast enhanced CT ) scan shows a blush along with a grade III laceration. What will be the most appropriate management
Splenic Artery Embolization
Conservative management
Question #3: Pseudoclaudication is caused by
Femoral Artery stenosis
Popliteal Artery stenosis
Lumbar canal stenosis
Radial Artery stenosis
Question #4: Which of the following is not a landmark for facial nerve during parotid surgery?
Diagastric muscle
Inferior belly of omohyoid
Tragal pointer
Retrograde dissection of distal branch
Question #5: Intermittent Claudication is defined as
Pain in muscle at rest only
Pain in muscle on first step
Pain in muscle on exercise only
Pain in muscle on last step